Students Attend Fiber Arts College on the Penobscot Bay

When you think of art, an oil painting or an ancient sculpture usually comes to mind. If you take a trip to the Searsport Shores Ocean Campground this weekend, you’ll see much more variety.

“If the piece doesn’t speak itself,it’s not art. It isn’t always art, sometimes it’s just craft,” said a Katharine Cobey, a Sculptor Knitting Instructor.

It’s the 7th Annual Fiber Arts College in Searsport, where over four days students learn knitting, crocheting, dying, doll making and more.

Donna Hauge, who has been a student of Fiber College for 7 Years, said “I’m in a silk painting class, so we get to design whatever we want on a silk scarf, it’s some i’ve never done.”

Hauge works at her husband’s dentist office in Bangor. She says this annual trip, gives her a nice change of pace. “It’s really fun, it kind of gets you out of the same old, same old.”

All different types of arts are blended together on the campgrounds. One author event wrote an award winning book about her experience with crocheting and math.

Hyperbolic Planes Instructor and Mathematician, Daina Taimina, said “It’s been 15 years since I crocheted my my first hyperbolic plane and it was meant for a geometry class, but it suddenly took off in the fiber arts.”

While others tell a social story with their artwork. “Pieces about alzheimer, and homelessness, and a different kind of knitting,” said Cobey.

Over 1,000 people attend the college every year, whether they take classes or shop around the camp grounds. You can visit for more information.

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