The Camden Windjammer Festival Draws an East Coast Crowd

 Nothing says Summer like Camden Harbor filled with ships of all shapes and sizes. The ships filled the harbor for this weekend’s 18th Annual Camden Windjammer Festival.

“I can tell you from experience, a windjammer cruise is one of the nicest things you can ever do in your life,” said Retired Capt. Jim Sharp. “It’s one of the biggest functions we have in Camden. It certainly draws a crowd from all over the East coast.”

Like the McCarthy family, who traveled from North Carolina to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at the Windjammer Festival.

Janet McCarthy said, “Camden and Rockport are just absolutely beautiful towns and the Maine coast is so spectacular, no matter where you go.”

Dozens of Vessels sailed into port for the weekend. Festival goers can go on a quick tour or even sail away for a few days. If you’re not ready to sail the open sea, there are plenty of other activities.

“It’s fun. Everyone gets together and you know, does their thing, whether it’s blacksmithing, cooking, painting or whatever,” said Les Bex, who’s in charge of the knotting station for the weekend.

The event is unique to the Pine Tree State.

“People come and bring different items for display, mostly nautical items, handmade, Maine built things.”

The festival runs through Sunday, September 2nd. For a full schedule for events, head to

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