A 10-year-old Boy Pays it Forward for The Bangor Humane Society

It’s not hard to find a new best friend at the Bangor Humane Society, but it is hard to keep so many animals happy and healthy.

Bangor Humane Society Public Relations Manager, Stacey Coventery, said, “For every animal we’re adopting, we’re taking in two or three. In the last 6 weeks on average we’ve brought in about 150 animals a week.”

It cost the humane society over $250 for every pet they take in. One 10-year-old from Brewer, is trying to make that expense less of a burden.

“It gives word to what one person can do, no matter what your age,” said Coventery.

Matt Gross decided to raise money for the Humane Society after his family adopted a beagle.

“I want to help pets get homes,” said Gross.

He brought the idea to his father and they decided to start the “Ride for Wet Nose’s” bike ride. They rode for 15 miles asking for donations. In the end, the family tripled Matt’s original goal.

“His goal was $300, so he started working on it and by the time it was all said and done, he had over $1000,” said Jason Gross, Matt’s father.

He presented the money to the society will a smile and his inspiration, Buddy, in hand. The gross family has a soft spot for their new buddy. Gross said,” He’s 12 years old, 4 teeth, but he acts like a puppy.”

The Humane society hopes people will see stories like this and continue to pay it forward.

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