Maine Army National Guard Flys High with New Technology

Meet the newest addition to the Maine Army National Guard. These are brand new HH-60M Blackhawk Helicopters. They cost about $18 million , but pilots say it’s worth every penny.

Army National Guard Pilot Commander, Evan Vreeland, said “It’s a little bit more powerful, it’s a little bit faster, it’s a little bit better and hovering.” He continued, “Inside we’ve got a moving map, kind of like your TomTom GPS. It will tell you exactly where you are and exactly where everyone else is.”

The new digital cockpit makes rescue missions from Baxter State Park and Acadia National Park faster than ever.

The pilot explained, “The best thing about this aircraft really is the patient comfort. It’s better for the patient in the back. It’s easier to get them on and get them off. It’s easier for the medic on board to work on them.”

Maine got these new Blackhawks after making a deal with the Guard in Oregon. The two states merged into one unit, so only half of the troops deploy from each state. Both units can continue to do rescue missions in their respective state.

Maine State Army Officer, Col. David Smith, said “Maine gets some new technology and some relevancy in the future. It also gives us the capability to keep some assets back to help our state in emergencies.”

The technology is way ahead of its time, The colonel says these aircrafts will be used..and still be up to date until at least 2040.

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