Construction Accident Shines Light on one Woman’s Home

Two cars were stranded with an electric current around them on Wednesday morning.

Penobscot County Deputy Sheriff, Pete Stone, said “Apparently he drove off the construction scene with his boom still up on his truck.”

That Cianbro truck took down power lines and utility poles on Coffin street in Howland. Two hours later, the scene was clear, but it left community members shaken up.

Coffin Street resident, Angelina Tamburo, said, “It seems like it just echoed around the whole area and then there were a lot of sparks and cracking from the wires as they were falling.”

The down power lines Coffin Street residents another reason to speak with the Department of Transportation. One resident is already upset that the construction is blocking her driveway and view, but now she’s concerned with safety.

Department of Transportation Bridge Program Assistant Program Manager, Wayne Frankhauser, said, “We definitely make sure it’s safe for trucks to pass through this.”

It’s all because of a bridge and new rotary that is supposed to make travel easier, however, it’s leaving one woman with no way out.

“Essentially what happened is, I can not get out of my driveway,” Tamburo said.

A 20 foot light pole and a curb, which the DOT says, is for safety reasons, leaves Tamburo no place to put her snow.

“I can live with the light pole, it won’t be easy, I’ll have to buy new curtains, but this is just unacceptable.”

The DOT confirmed the project two years around, but that was a different home owner. Tamburo has now lived in the home for a year. She wants to find a way to compromise.

Frankhauser said, “Now that we’re aware we will try to work through this the best we can.”

The project should be finished by December.

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