Yoga Instructor Holds Free Exercise Classes in Webster Park

Beautiful summer weather is taking one yoga instructor out of the studio and into Webster Park in Orono.

“You get to feel the earth underneath your feet, especially if you’re barefoot. It’s really lovely to get connected to the ground and rooted and one with nature,” said Owner of Full Circle Yoga, Sandy Cyrus.

Soon the warm weather will turn into snow, but Cyrus thinks Summer is the perfect time to make a change. She said, “It’s a good time to initiate something you’ve been thinking about in the back of your mind for a while. Qi Kong or yoga might be one of those things.”

Qi Kong is all about aligning breath, movement, healing, and meditation. Cyrus said, “We use bamboo sticks which are 6 feet long and sometimes we hold them over our heads and sometimes we spin them around.”

Being outdoors gives you plenty of space to do just that. Laura Hicks, who’s been doing yoga for 7 years, said “Traditionally it was done outside, so it feels more linked to the history of Yoga and Qi Kong.”

It’s a twist on moves they’re used to doing in the studio. “It allows you to not be distracted by the things you have inside you; like stress of work, and just try to absorb more of what’s outside, which is calmer,” Hicks said.

Classes are for beginners and experts, just as long as you enjoy the scenery. Free classes will be held at the park August 20th – August 24th. Sessions are one-hour long and start at 6:45 AM.

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