Penobscot Theatre Summer Camp Sends Students Back to School

You might remember hearing educational tunes on Saturday morning TV.

This summer, the Penobscot Theatre in Bangor brought them to life.

The theater’s camp program wrapped up Saturday and students hit the stage to perform “Schoolhouse Rock.”

“It’s been exciting, adventurous and mostly really fun,” said cast member, Sophia Mullins, 9.

The three week program has more than 50 students ranging from 4 to 24 years old performing three different shows.

Cast member Amanda Bustard, 11, said “A lot of like learning how to properly get your cues into a song, like you’re timing.”

They rocked the schoolhouse this Summer, but are they ready to go back to the classroom in September?

“It’s sad Summer’s ending and camp is ending, so I’m sad about that,” Mullins said. Bustard added, “I’m ready to see my friends, but not too ready to be waking up in the mornings.”

The camp director says they’ve secretly been in school all Summer.

“They’re taking Shakespeare studies. They’re taking movement. They’re taking stage combat, improvisation and they take those skills from the classes and learn to apply them,” said the Penobscot Theatre Director of Education and Outreach, Jasmine Ireland. “I think the most important thing they take away is to learn to work as an ensemble and as a group, they have have to problem solve on the fly.”

The theatre will begin their Fall productions in a few weeks.

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