A Movie Star Sails into Belfast

One ship has slipped into a dock in Belfast Harbor.

The replica of the HMS Bounty has been sailing the world since 1962. It was built in 1960 for the Marlon Brando Film, Mutiny on The Bounty, but it was just supposed to be a prop.

Captain of the HMS Bounty, Robin Walbridge, said “It was supposed to be burned in that movie, but Brando said if you burn the ship that he wouldn’t finish the movie. So that’s why we have this wonderful boat here today.”

Dozens of people came out to catch a glimpse of the popular vessel.

“You watch the movie over and over and now you see the ship, that’s pretty cool,” spectator Erica Diemer said.

The ship has starred in movies like Treasure Island,Yellowbeard, and two of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise films. Even the next generation of movie goers may recognize the famous ship.

“For the younger audience, we were in the opening 6 minutes of SpongeBob SquarePants,” said the Captain.

The most famous piece of the boat stands at the bow. It’s the only double rimmed helm in the world and has been used in almost every nautical movie since 1935.

Cpt. Walbridge said, “Not only have Clark Gable stood at it, but Johnny Depp has stood at it, Charlton Heston has stood at it. Marlon Brando has stood at it.”

The crew now sees the boat as an educational vessel.

“This is the kind of ship that made the U.S. what is it today and this is what Captain Cook used for the great age of discovery. This is the tractor trailer of their day,” said the Captain.

Something the people in the pine tree state are familiar with.

Walbridge continued, “The history is important, especially to Maine because these are a lot of the ships they used in Maine.”

With it’s famous Hollywood ties, even younger generations are inspired to take a ride on the Bounty. Brandon and Max Hosker said they want to travel to Boston and Georgia, which are just two of the stops along the ship’s east coast tour.

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