Brewer Breaks Ground on New Senior Housing Center

It took three and a half years, but ground was finally broken at the Chamberlain Place Senior Housing site in Brewer.

CEO Penquis Housing Inc., Stephen Mooers said, “It’s a classic all good things come to those who wait.”

After years of negotiations, this $4.4 million project is underway.

With the elderly population expected to increase in the next 15 years, affordable senior housing has become a necessity in maine.

The pine tree state has the highest number per capita of senior citizens in the country.

Now this new complex, will serve brewer’s older community.

“It’s a 2 story structure with an elevator. It’s ADA equipped because of the population we serve,” said Mooers.

Brewer Mayor, Jerry Goss said, “It’s been a long process and now we can focus our time to the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The long road to the ground breaking had to do with a bad economy.

Goos said, “When times are tough and you make progress, you remember it a bit more.”

Now the Brewer Housing Authority is working with the U-S Department of Housing and Urban Development to make this 32 unit building even cheaper.

Exec. Director of Brewer Housing Authority, Gordon Stitham said, “Would pay only 30% of their income and the difference of what they pay and the contractor would be paid through out higher up programs.”

Contractors believe the housing center will be open in June of 2013.

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