Monthly Archives: August 2012

A 10-year-old Boy Pays it Forward for The Bangor Humane Society

It’s not hard to find a new best friend at the Bangor Humane Society, but it is hard to keep so many animals happy and healthy. Bangor Humane Society Public Relations Manager, Stacey Coventery, said, “For every animal we’re adopting, we’re taking in two or three. In the last 6 weeks on average we’ve brought […]

Maine Army National Guard Flys High with New Technology

Meet the newest addition to the Maine Army National Guard. These are brand new HH-60M Blackhawk Helicopters. They cost about $18 million , but pilots say it’s worth every penny. Army National Guard Pilot Commander, Evan Vreeland, said “It’s a little bit more powerful, it’s a little bit faster, it’s a little bit better and […]

Construction Accident Shines Light on one Woman’s Home

Two cars were stranded with an electric current around them on Wednesday morning. Penobscot County Deputy Sheriff, Pete Stone, said “Apparently he drove off the construction scene with his boom still up on his truck.” That Cianbro truck took down power lines and utility poles on Coffin street in Howland. Two hours later, the scene […]

Yoga Instructor Holds Free Exercise Classes in Webster Park

Beautiful summer weather is taking one yoga instructor out of the studio and into Webster Park in Orono. “You get to feel the earth underneath your feet, especially if you’re barefoot. It’s really lovely to get connected to the ground and rooted and one with nature,” said Owner of Full Circle Yoga, Sandy Cyrus. Soon […]

Local Teens Raise Money for Wounded Veterans

During summer vacation, most teenagers are hanging out by the pool and enjoying their freedom, but some local teens are donating their time for American heroes. Nokomis Junior ROTC students are raising money for the Wounded Heroes Foundation at Bud’s Shop N’ Save in Newport. Cadet Staff Sargent, Felix Thibodeau said, “Some of the stories […]

Hancock County Shelter and Food Pantry Struggles to Keep Shelves Stocked

In a bad economy everyone makes sacrifices, but for people who struggle in good economic times, it only gets worse. “These kids were like, can we have the leftovers? Little kids, hungry. We’ve got little kids, hungry,” Said H.O.M.E Inc Board Member, Beth Taylor. Sister Lucy Poulin said, “If anyone is without, it’s like someone […]

Penobscot Theatre Summer Camp Sends Students Back to School

You might remember hearing educational tunes on Saturday morning TV. This summer, the Penobscot Theatre in Bangor brought them to life. The theater’s camp program wrapped up Saturday and students hit the stage to perform “Schoolhouse Rock.” “It’s been exciting, adventurous and mostly really fun,” said cast member, Sophia Mullins, 9. The three week program […]