Bangor Nursing Home Residents Enjoy a Day at the Lake

The beautiful Maine summers have many people enjoying the outdoors, even some who usually can’t.

The Bangor Nursing and Rehab Center took a trip to Pushaw Campgrounds in Orono.

Many of the nursing home residents do not get to go out and enjoy the lakes on a regular basis, so the center’s officials have been planning trips. With the help of a handicap accessible bus, they’ve been able to travel all over.

On Thursday, they enjoyed a barbeque and a little entertainment.

With some somberos, necklaces and plenty of sun screen, the residents were having a good time.

Ron Legere, a Bangor Nursing and Rehab Center resident and Auxiliary President said, “Being in a nursing home, you’re kind of confined to what you can do, so we’re here and people get out and hopefully enjoy themselves.”

Harrison Ankers, Activity Director at Bangor Nursing and Rehab Center said, “The plan is to really just have a bunch of fun. It’s about relaxation, getting out, felling as though you’re not a resident in a nursing home. It’s about feeling as though you’re young again.

They are planning another trip to Pushaw. Anckers says next time they make the trip they’ll try a campfire and some smores.

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