An Orono Summer Camp Celebrates the Music

Trumpets, drums, and choir practice.

The Maine Summer Youth Music program has all that and more.

“Like I told their parents when they dropped them off, there’s a little bit of magic that happens,” said MSYM Director, Chris White.

That magic, is from the students. Middle and High school students from around the state come to the University of Maine in Orono every year for a music camp. This program is meant to incorporate all types of music.

White said, “We have classes like african drumming, music theory, and history of rock”

Topics that most kids haven’t learned inside a classroom

“our goal is when they come here they take back what they learned to their schools and help spread, ya know, their excitement about camp,” the director said.

These kids are excited and busy.

Trumpet player, 14, Justin Brown said, “Its just a lot of music packed into 5 days and that’s basically what it is.”

Not only do they learn about music, but about themselves as well

“I know what I’m doing wrong and right, and I know how to fix,” said Brown.

At the end of the week the kids put on a performance for their family and friends.

Conductor Tiffany Hitz said, “We never record the first day but by the end of the week you wish you had because they put so much effort into being a band.”

Year after year, students keep coming back for more

White said, “This director did an informal survey of who’s coming back next year and they all raised their hand, they have a great time.”

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