Two Teenagers Admit to Ellsworth Graffiti

Two 15 year old boys were charged after they admitted they were behind the graffiti in Ellsworth.

The male juveniles were issued a summons on a charge of criminal mischief.

An Ellsworth Police Detective caught one boy while he was spray painting a dumpster.

The graffiti was marked at the Ellsworth library, on roads and numerous street signs.

One boy is charged with the first tagging on June 20th, while the other boy is responsible for the graffiti marked “BD”.

Police do not believe there were ulterior motives behind the street art.

Ellsworth Police Detective Dorothy Small said, “It was not gang-related. The BD and the diamond that we thought was “black diamond,” is actually “blood diamond” and it’s something he just thought was cool.”

It is unlikely the juveniles will serve any time. However, the detective says they will either pay about $1,000 in fines or community service.

There are still several taggings under investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Ellsworth Police Department at 667-2168.

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