An Elementary School Student Raises Money with a Summertime Treat

In the summertime it seems like you can see a lemonade stand on every corner.

While many kids start a stand to make money for themselves, one Ellsworth fourth grader is giving her money to her teacher.

“She was my kindergarten teacher and she helped me a lot in school, so I wanted to help her,” said Jocelyn Boudreau, 9.

Her former teacher is Mrs. Bryant, whose one year old son is battling leukemia.

“It broke my heart, having three children of my own, I just wanted to help,” Becky Boudreau, Jocelyn’s mom said.

That’s what the Boudreau family did. Jocelyn told her mother she wanted to raise money for the Bryant family, so they reached out to a family friend, who owns a store on Main Street and whose child was also in Mrs. Bryant’s class.

Owner of Heartstrings and parent, Daisy White said, “She’s just an amazingly wonderful woman. Any mom knows to take their kid to school and have a person like that to hug them and love them as much as we do.”

But they wanted to donate more than just the lemonade earnings, 20 percent of the sales from Heartstrings for the day will go to the Bryant family.

“We just want to pay it forward in a small way or a large way,” White explained.

The Ellsworth community came with an empty stomach and full wallet.

“A lot of people give big donations and then they sign that for Mrs. Bryant,” Jocelyn said with a smile.

All of this started, just because a student loved her teacher.

“Kids have so much love and I think we sometimes forget that they care as much as we do,” White said.

Their goal is to raise $1,000 for Mrs. Bryant and her family.

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