International Students Celebrate Culture in Holden

Twelve countries have come together in one gymnasium in Maine. The Children’s International Summer Villages is taking place in holden. From June 29th to July 26th, international students make their home in the pine tree state.

Over the past few weeks, these 11 year olds have learned a lot.

“It’s important, friendship and respect, it’s more important than material things,” said Nacho from Guatemala.

Two boys and two girls serve as delegates, representing each county in attendance. Countries like Brazil, Argentina, Italy and more come together for an american summer camp experience.

“We’ve been doing activities and learning about peace and respect,” said Mirka Mild from Finland.

These summer villages are designed to encourage peace education, creative expression and cross-cultural friendship.

On village day, each country puts on a performance to represent their culture.

“We have some candy from sweden and a map we can hand out,” David Miler from Sweden said.

Mild added, “We’re going to the stage and doing and angry bird show because they’re from Finland.”

Besides learning, they’re also having a great time! The CISV experience has also given a lot of these pre-teens the travel bug! So, where do they want to go next?

Places like Australia, New York, and Maine’s own, Bar Harbor.

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