Local Middle and High School Students Perform an 80’s Classic

Singing, dancing, and having a great time.

That’s what 41 middle and high school students have been perfecting at the Next Generation Theatre in Brewer.

Assitant director and case member, Alison Cross said, “We’ve been doing vocal warm ups and rehearing songs after each other all the time and we run scenes, we block. It’s a lot of fun the stuff we do here.”

For the past 3 weeks, this completely youth-led show has been learning all there is to know about the 80’s for their production of FAME, Junior.

“It’s so much fun and they always have new people and the theatres air conditioned so that’s nice too,” Molly Picone, a cast member, said.

And the AC doesn’t hurt considering these kids have been dancing up a storm.

Choreographer Tommy McCarthy explained, “I get to teach the kids and a lot of them aren’t dancers, so it’s fun to teach them how to be in that aspect of theatre.”

But they aren’t just learning dance moves, they’re learning about culture too.

“It’s 80’s so it’s a lot of different lingo and moves that we have to do and it’s very interesting,” Cross said.

It’s something the whole family can enjoy.

The assistant director continued, “It’s like we’re in our parents generation and it’s very interesting to see what they were like back then.”

And on the night of the show, all the hard work pays off.

“It’s great to see that step when kids realizes, I’m gonna open up and dance,” McCarthy said.

With local Bangor and Brewer high school graduates leading the way, this show leaves you wanting to remember their names.

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