Brewer Celebrates Its Bicentennial at the Clewley Museum

Take a look at Brewer back in the 1800’s. A cotton loom, wood burning stove, and a barn. One walk around this home and you wouldn’t believe you’re in the 21st century.

“We’ve had a lot of people come through and say oh it makes me think of my grandmothers house,” Charlotte Thompson, Chairperson of the Clewley Museum said.

That’s the exact feeling the Brewer Historical Society wants you to feel when you take a look at the Clewley Museum. As Brewer Celebrates its Bicentennial Bonanza, the historical society decided to make some renovations to the museum.

“It’s an old house, we tried to keep it look old,” Barney Thompson, Chairperson of the Clewley Museum continued, “We have a living room with an antique set and we have a kitchen set up you would see at the turn of the century up until the 1920’s.”

This Museum’s authentic feel is in and outside of the house.

Forest E. Matthews, President of the Brewer Historical Society explains, “We’re just thrilled, and of course, our hearst us out there and we only bring that out once in a blue moon”

The historical society wants to honor Brewer’s 200th birthday by educating the the town.

Thompson says, “We want the public to know, in talking to people they said we didn’t know Brewer had a historical society.”

But the authenticity of this museum makes it stand out.

Barney Thompson love the feedback. “It’s amazing, people from other historical societies have come to see it and they’re amazed.”

While Forest said, “We’re very active, not all museums are as active as we are, we are very, very active.”

The Museum is open to the public on Wednesdays from 1 to 3pm.

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