Students are the Teachers at the Belfast Summer Tech Institute

Summer is a time where most students are sleeping late, heading to the beach or enjoying summer camp, but a handful of students from RSU 19 are still in the class room and this time, they’re in charge.

Chris Redman, a student-teacher and Junior at Nokomis Regional High School says,”It’s a little different, teaching during your summer vacation instead of playing xbox and stuff.”

It’s part of the belfast summer tech institute…students are the teachers, and teachers are the students.

“They can actually teach an adult, or teach an old dog new tricks,” High School Teacher at Maranacook Community High School said.

So far, it looks to be a win-win situation. Kern Kelly, Technology Integrator at RSU 19 said, “It’s a combination, a collaboration between the two. Teachers learn from students, students learn from teachers and we’re all in this together.”

For the teachers, sitting at the opposite side of the class room, isn’t too bad. Boyman says, “They keep it new and exciting and keeps you from getting bored, but I don’t want to do it all summer.”

While the students, who are working on their public speaking skills, say teaching is kind of fun. “My favorite part I think is teaching teachers. They do it all so finally they know how it feels to be a student,” said student-teacher Redman.

The week long prgram has taken place for more than 10 years. Every year students walk away with a new set of skills. Kelley explained, “What I am teaching them is to learn to communicate with others and how to be respectful and responsible and how to develop relationships and be patients with the teachers.”

So, are the teachers good students?

“A lot of people are interested, but you will see that one person texting and a lot of people check their Facebook throughout the day,” Redman joked.

The tech institue will hold summits and programs all summer long. The next one will be the Alan November’s Conference in Boston. It ends on August 16 and 17th at the Google Summit in Yarmouth.

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